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Thank you for exploring our events/schedule/calendar page.  Here we have our schedule for the Stevens-Frisbie House which details various activities happening at the house each month.  We also have a schedule of all of our society happenings as well as descriptions of our major events.  Please like us on Facebook to get notices/reminders for all of our events.  


2019-2020 Events 



11/25/19     7:00 pm         The People of the Stevens-Frisbie House
Presented by the members of the Cromwell Historical Society
Stevens-Frisbie House
12/14/19  1:00 to 4:00 pm
 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Christmas Open House
Glad & Golden Hours: Christmas of the Victorians
Stevens-Frisbie House
 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Christmas Open House
Glad & Golden Hours: Christmas of the Victorians
Stevens-Frisbie House
Note: Sunday
7:00 pm Suffrage Anniversary Series Part One:
Women's Suffrage in New England
Dr. Heather Prescott
Stevens-Frisbie House
7:00 pm Suffrage Anniversary Series Part Two:
Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper:" Women's Suffrage, Literary Activism, & Medicine.

By Dr. Aimee Pozorski
Stevens-Frisbie House
3/23/20 7:00 pm   
Suffrage Anniversary Series Part Three:
Bread & Roses: New Haven's Augusta Troup. Women's Suffrage, & Organized Labor.
Dr. Kelly Marino
Stevens-Frisbie House
6:00 PM Annual Meeting & Pot Luck Supper
Suffrage Anniversary Series Part Four:
Cromwell's Suffragist: Dr. Emily Pierson
Panel: Cromwell High School History Club, Richard Lenzi, Dr. Kelly Marino
First Congregational Church - 355 Main Street in Cromwell.
7/11/20 8 to 3 Barn Sale

 Other events, the dates of which have yet to be determined are

Cromwell High School History Club Walking Tour
Historic Cemetery Walking Tour

Cromwell Historical Society Events


The Cromwell Historical Society holds events throughout the year which are designed to fulfill its goals of bringing together those who love history.  Please see our events schedule and facebookpage for specific dates for each event.  Most events are open to the public.

Cromwell High School Prom Picture Reception

Each spring, Cromwell High School holds its Junior/Senior prom.  As a way to reach out to the community and share the beauty of the 1853 Stevens-Frisbie House, we invite the students, their friends and family to take pictures at the hosue on their way to the prom.  Vignettes are arranged on the front porch and through out the house and light refreshments are served in the dining room. 

Juleps & Viragoes Ball of the Rebellion

 On the first Saturday in April*, Juleps & Viragoes, the living history department of the Cromwell Historical Society, hosts the Ball of the Rebellion – a Civil War era ball.  The evening features period food, live music and, of course, dancing.  Period attire is encouraged and admired, but formal attire of the twenty-first century is also welcome.  Each ball is specifically themed to reflect the current year in the Civil War reenacting cycle. ( 1861-1865 = 2011-2015 etc.)  This is a ticketed event with prices ranging from $20.00 for Historical Society members to $30.00 general admission at the door.

*On the rare occasion that the 1st Saturday is Easter, this event will be held on the 2nd Saturday in Apr

Cromwell High School History Club Walking Tours

The  History Club at Cromwell High School and the Cromwell Historical Society have an ongoing relationship and work together several times a year.  The History club often decorates a room at the Christmas Open House and many of its members volunteer to help during the event.  Occasionally, the History club will host a program of the Historical Society at the High School.   Twice a year, during each semester, the Historical Society takes members of the History Club on a historic walking tour, usually on Main Street and the Riverport areas. 

May Day Tea

On the Sunday closest to May Day, friends who gather at the Stevens-Frisbie House celebrate the arrival of gentler weather at the Annual May Day Tea.  Hosted by Juleps & Viragoes, the living history department of the Historical Society, in mid-nineteenth-century attire, the Tea begins at 2 p.m. and ends at 5 p.m., during which tea and a light repast may be had in the Dining Room.  Through out the afternoon, the traditional May-pole Dance bedecks the flagpole in the North Lawn with the fluttering colours of Spring – participants need enthusiasm only, as the dance itself is engagingly simple!  Croquet on the South Lawn and Graces on the Front provide leisurely diversions while live music fills the house.

Christmas Open House

In December, The Cromwell Historical Society opens its doors in celebration of Christmas with an annual Christmas Open House.  Each year, nine rooms of the Stevens-Frisbie House are decorated according to a theme chosen for that specific year.  Past themes have included Christmas Carols, Books and international traditions as well and magical and war-time observances.  Community organizations such as the Friends of the Cromwell Belden Library and the Cromwell High School History Club often participate in the decorating.  Complimentary refreshments, prepared by our members, are served in the Dining Room and the Sun Porch gift shop offers special gifts of seasonal and local interest. 

Sixth Night Caroling

In addition to the Christmas open House, the Cromwell Historical Society honors the entire season of Christmas with a night of Christmas caroling.  On December 30th, the sixth night of Christmas, members of Juleps & Viragoes and their friends brave the temperatures in 19th Century attire and go Carolling by lantern light in the Historic Main Street area. 
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